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Women in Wine Group Launches Mentorship Program, Hosts Symposium

From the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Online classes, masking requirements and isolation guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic made it hard for UC Davis students to connect and network.

Students in the Department of Viticulture and Enology sought to change that dynamic and they formed Women in Wine, a group for women and those who exist in women’s spaces to connect with others in production and winemaking. 

March 2024: Letter from the Director

Spring has sprung at UC Davis, with the winter quarter ending and students finishing up finals before their spring break. Personally, I'm happy to transition into the new quarter, with many events to look forward to, longer days, and sunny weather.

October 2023: Letter from the Director

My first three months as director at the Robert Mondavi Institute have gone by in a flash. I have enjoyed meeting with campus partners, collaborators, and supporters to learn how to continue highlighting food and beverage research and advancements in an enjoyable and approachable way. I'll continue these conversations, but I am already proud of the institute's fall programs.

September 2023: Letter from the Director

Fall has arrived on campus with cooler days and a buzz of excitement as students move in and prepare for classes to start next week. It's one of my favorite times of the year, and I'm excited about the fall events we have lined up for you!

A Small Farm with a Big Impact

College is a formative time for students, setting the foundation for years to come. It is a time of discovery, whether it be new passions, friends, or opportunities. Personally, I discovered my love for grapes and wine at UC Davis, which I had never been exposed to growing up in Los Angeles. I ended up switching my major and pursuing a career in the wine industry because of my exposure at UC Davis and the subsequent uncovering of a passion.

Great Wine is Made in the Vineyard

It has often been said that great wine is made in the vineyard, and it is very true that high-quality grapes are a fundamental ingredient for producing excellent wine. However, the people who tend to the vineyard are often overlooked.

March 2023: Letter from the Director

It may still be raining in Northern California, but the winter quarter is ending for students with finals next week, and the trees on campus are starting to bloom! Spring ushers in a busy time with many intriguing events.

January 2023: Letter from the Director

2023 started with extreme weather in Northern California with prolonged flooding, power outages, and many fallen trees on campus and in surrounding communities. We welcome the much-needed rain but are also grateful for sunny skies this week as we recover.