Yogurt, sauerkraut and pickles

Surprising Superfoods: The Science of Fermented Foods

Maria Marco in the Sensory Theater
Professor and Microbiologist Maria Marco in the Sensory Theater. (Credit: Alana Joldersma)

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A Student's Take: Kendal Koorenny

"Fermentation Inspiration"

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    On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, fermented foods were center stage at the first event in Forum: Talks on Food & Wine Sciences. Maria Marco, a professor and microbiologist in the Department of Food Science and Technology spoke about the science of fermented foods—how they are made, how they promote our health, and how the ecology and metabolism of microorganisms determine the uniqueness of foods like pickles and sauerkraut. David Ehreth, founder of Sonoma Brinery, shared his experiences as a "bacteria farmer (who also makes pickles)," highlighting the importance of Marco's research and the value of academic-industry partnerships.