Table Olives at Home Workshop

assorted table olives

Event Date

392 Old Davis Road, Davis, CA 95616

The UC Davis Olive Center is hosting a workshop in collaboration with Don Landis. Attendees will learn how to use their backyard olives for table production. They will cover tree biology, how the harvest affects flavors, processing methods of de-bittering and packaging. Guests we end the workshop with a tasting of delicious homemade table olives.

Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.


History of the olives in the Mediterranean Basin
Physiology of the olives

Processing methods


Workshop cost: $150

Registration and payment is only available through the UC Davis registration site and will close on April 24th or when the capacity is met. No other forms of payment can be accepted.


Don Landis, lives in Sebastopol, California. Don has a passion. Olives. Making use of "The Noble" fruit since the early 1990's, Don shares all he can of the Olive. Teaching people how to make use of Olives in natural, age-old traditional ways, without lye; helping people select the best Olive trees for their intended use; caring for their Olive trees and when to harvest are just some aspects of the world of Olives Don shares. Talking Olive, that is a special part of Don's life. Teaching, sharing the knowledge and helping Olive people fuels the passion. With classes, workshops and Olive events, the word is spread. Don presents an all-things Olive event every year hosted by Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Sonoma, California; An Olive Odyssey. This event is "entertaining, delicious and fun." Don hosts small group workshops at his home in Sebastopol, by appointment. Then there is "Olives in Wine Country Tours", to fully enjoy all about table Olives and Olive oil in Sonoma and Napa counties.


The closest parking is Visitor Parking Lot 2 or the Gateway Structure. Parking is free on weekends.


Please email Adele Amico Roxas for questions or to request any accessibility, food allergy or dietary restriction accommodations.

Cancellation Policy:

This class does not allow for refunds and will not be cancelled. In the event of a new COVID restriction or other unforeseen reason that may cancel in-person classes at UC Davis, we will ship samples to the registered participants and the class will be held in a live virtual format online via Zoom. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.