Honey Exploration: North America

jars of honey

Event Date

392 Old Davis Road, Davis, CA 95616

Join the Honey and Pollination Center for the second of three classes in the Honey Exploration Series!

Explore regional honey favorites from Florida Tupelo, to Applachian Sourwood and on to Northwestern Fireweed. We will also taste and talk about mead, the alcoholic beverage made from honey, and how it relates to regional honeys.


  • Single class registration: $35

Venue & Parking:

This event will be in-person in the Silverado Vineyards Sensory Theater at the Robert Mondavi Institute, Sensory Building. Parking is available at the Gateway Parking Structure. Parking payment is enforced on weekdays. There are three options for parking payment:

  1. UC Davis uses ParkMobile – please be sure to download the app ahead of time. When you park, you will enter the Zone number (listed on the nearby sign) into the app and follow the instructions to pay for parking. This is the preferred and easiest method.

  2. If you do not have a smartphone to download the app, you can also sign up for an account online and follow the steps on the website: https://parkmobile.io

  3. Alternatively, permit machines in the Gateway Parking Structure accept credit cards. You will need to enter your license plate number into the machine to purchase a permit. We recommend this option as a last choice.